In our homeland, the shadow of war has cast its somber veil over all that is beautiful, leaving an indelible mark on the creativity of those who strive to bring beauty to Ukraine.

Indeed, there is hope - hope for victory. Yet, the pain of war cannot be denied, and there are some things we can never reclaim.

My collection is a reflection of today's reality, where darkness mingles with the dream of a brighter tomorrow, a hope for the best.

When the war began, I sought refuge from the darkness, from fear, protecting my children. But later, a decision was made to embrace life and continue creating with hope, in the hues of pink, in the colors of life.

Upon my return, I was given a painting titled 'The Black Flower of Hope.' Initially, the name troubled me, and I was reluctant to accept it into my soul.

However, with time, clarity emerged. My collection reflects the duality that our homeland experiences. The Black Flower of Hope signifies not a rejection of sorrow and death, but a desire to live amidst pain, to create with hope.

Hence, in my collection, black symbolizes pain and death, while pink and blue represent hope and the yearning for victory, a celebration of vibrant colors.

Color - it has evolved in the context of war. The black and white palette dominates our collection's foundation. 

Black - as a symbol of reality.

White - as the hope that darkness can never extinguish.

Pink - the dream that guides and inspires us into a beautiful future!

Brightness is on the verge because we await the 'universal joy' of victory, to reintroduce vibrant colors.