As a young contemporary designer from Ukraine, Kristina Laptso has set her sights on the global stage, particularly in the realm of fashion clothing and designer garments. Recently, her brand has gained attention and accolades in American designer magazines, marking a significant milestone in her journey.

Kristina Laptso's participation in these prestigious publications has been more than just a recognition of her talent; it's been an affirmation of her deep understanding of clients' needs in fashion. Inspired by the rich tapestry of American design, Kristina infuses her creations with a blend of innovation and timeless elegance.










1) In a recent feature from InBlackMagazine Kristina's Bestseller shone brightly on a global stage. Designer of leopard print faux jacket- @kristina_laptso Gratitude goes to InBLACKMagazine and their hardworking team. MUA/Photographer Fidel G @muagrapher, Hair @seanchristopherfears Stylist/Creative Director @marcusgblassingame Producer @mcintyremanagement,


2) Behind every garment lies a journey of creativity and passion.
Our collaboration with Barbarian Photo celebrates the art of sustainable fashion. Discover elegance in every stitch. Wardrobe Showroom: @the_confessional_showroom_nyc
together with @barbarianphoto 

3) Exploring the intersection of heritage and innovation. Our new editorial see the beautiful video coverage for ELLE highlights the cultural influences woven into each design Experience the artistry that transcends borders. Skirt suit set: @kristina_laptso

Wardrobe Stylist/ Creative Director: @styledbynikolett

Kristina Laptso's journey in the world of fashion is not just about creating beautiful garments; it's about weaving stories of creativity, passion, and cultural richness. As her Bestseller jacket shone brightly on a global stage in the recent feature from InBlackMagazine, it symbolized not only her success but also her dedication to crafting pieces that resonate with clients worldwide.

Collaborating with Barbarian Photo in celebrating sustainable fashion showcased Kristina's commitment to ethical practices and the artistry behind each stitch. Every garment from Kristina Laptso's collection tells a tale of heritage meeting innovation, as seen in the recent editorial coverage for ELLE. The skirt suit set highlighted in the video coverage reflects the cultural influences and meticulous craftsmanship that define Kristina Laptso's designs.

As you explore our collection, you're not just purchasing garments; you're investing in stories, artistry, and a vision for fashion that transcends borders. Discover elegance, sustainability, and a celebration of cultural diversity in every piece. Visit our Wardrobe Showroom at @the_confessional_showroom_nyc and experience fashion that speaks to your soul. Kristina Laptso invites you to be part of a journey where style meets substance, where every garment is a statement of confidence, elegance, and timeless allure.