A few years ago, collars were spotted on high-fashion shows and ended up being everywhere now. If you still consider buying yourself a detachable collar, we would love to show you why you need one immediately.

Black and white woman collar Ukrainian flowers

A detachable collar is a piece designed to make life easier. But as it usually happens to fashion pieces, the collar is now considered more of an article to boost your overall look, as witnessed by the latest fashion shows. Nothing to wonder, as we may clearly see how much space is for experiments with this piece of cloth, and we are sure you'll love your chosen one after the first time you wear it.

Now it's a fashion accessory that is getting rooted in fashion minds. Fingers crossed, one will become an essential piece in every wardrobe as we are sure it is precisely one piece that can bring more style and refinement into your look. It may help you compose a million and one look with clothes you already have and love.

So, how to style a detachable collar?

Let's start by dividing detachable collars into two groups: necklace collar and shoulder collar, or, to be more precise - a standing band detachable collar and a pretty Peter Pan collar. 

Let's start with the first one: a standing band detachable collar.

It is a collar that fits around the neck with a stiff standing band and not lying on the shoulders. It can be perfectly worn with a blouse or a shirt tied around its collar. Style it with matching colors to make your outfit look harmonious. Ensure that your shoes, bag, or coat are echoed with colors on a collar - it will make your outfit look way more natural.

  1. White wool collar – KRISTINA LAPTSO (Kristina-laptso.com)

  1. Red & Black Wool Collar – KRISTINA LAPTSO (kristina-laptso.com)

  1. Сollar "Ukraine" – KRISTINA LAPTSO (kristina-laptso.com)

But what about a pretty Peter Pan shoulder collar, then?

The very first thing is that it can be worn literally with everything - from your old but loved sweater to a coat or even a puffer jacket. And if you like experiments, try to wear it backward or partly revolved.

 The rule is also the same here - according to colors or prints

  1. Black Sateen Collar – KRISTINA LAPTSO (kristina-laptso.com)
  2. Handmade Collar with Decoration – KRISTINA LAPTSO (kristina-laptso.com)
  3. Handmade Velour Collar – KRISTINA LAPTSO (kristina-laptso.com)
  4. Handmade Velour Collar with Embroidery – KRISTINA LAPTSO (kristina-laptso.com)
  5. Handmade Collar - LIMITED COLLECTION – KRISTINA LAPTSO (kristina-laptso.com)

We are sure that you'll find your unique way on how to wear it and will love it as much as we in KL do.