2022, right after the outbreak of the war. Chatt Ejrid. The fashion shows are the highlight of Tunis Fashion Week and Ivanna Khoma with Galyna Pankiv on behalf of Kristina Laptso brand presenting their country proudly holding a Blue and Yellow Ukrainian flag to promote FREEDOM and the desire to live and create. 
“The fashion scene of Tunisia is buzzing. Young designers are following in the footsteps of Tunisian fashion icon Azzedine Alaia, realizing extraordinary ideas and setting trends. A new fashion academy gathers and nurtures the creative talent in the country. They all come together on a Friday afternoon in November at the salt lake Chott el Djerid to showcase their latest designs.” by Beate Ziehres, Germany
"Seven hours' drive south of the Tunisian capital, Chott El-Jérid, the largest salt lake in the Maghreb, hosts the 13th edition of Tunis Fashion Week. On-site, the youngest designer, 18-year-old Haroun Ghanmi, celebrates the techno scene, while Yousra Sen crafts unique pieces from 'Hayek,' amidst a melting pot of fashion proposals, ranging from modern to classic. All share the common experience of enjoying an exceptional backdrop for their presentations, like the team of Kristina Laptso, who spent over three days to finally set foot on the salt lake ground, albeit without the Ukrainian designer who couldn't leave Lviv."