Dive into the Process of Creativity

I am Kristina Laptso, the designer of my own brand, and I want to share my philosophy of creation. For me, creation is a team adventure where each participant plays a significant role. When an idea is born in my mind, it is fuelled by the inspiration that stems from my values. I highly value the synchronicity of vision and productivity in a team where everyone captures my final visions. It's not an easy task, but when you're in sync with your team, there's nothing more exhilarating in work.

Details. Buttons. Fasteners. Threads. Internal seams. Lace. In my studio, every detail matters. Much is built on my trust in the girls who skillfully bring my ideas to life. However, the ultimate success lies not only in the details but also in the relationships of trust and gratitude. These values clearly translate into the quality of work and an inspiring atmosphere in our studio.

I strive for truth and openness in collaboration with girls. For me, it's not just work relationships, but also a value of respect for each person in the team. We communicate formally, and it's not about distance, but rather about a respect for each other's work and creativity; it's about reciprocity.

My girls are not just seamstresses; they are artisans. Feeling my respect, they have space to create with love, which we together sew into every stitch of our clothing.

With respect,
Kristina Laptso