Kristina Laptso is not just a clothing brand, but an embodiment of eternal love in exquisite handmade products. We were born in September 2018 in Lviv, and since then, we have been creating not just fashion, but a vivid language of love and aesthetics.


Message and Mission "Love Never Ends"

Our brand believes in the eternal power of love, which is reflected in all our creations. We believe that each product can carry immortal feelings and create a special connection with those who choose it.

Quality, Timeless Design, and Uniqueness

The core values that define Kristina Laptso lie in superior quality, timeless design, and uniqueness. We do not follow trends; we create them, staying true to our own style and the depth of vintage.

Soul as a Value

For us, clothing is not just fabric but a physical embodiment of the soul. Our values are focused on ensuring that each product carries a piece of the soul, making it special and unique.


Honesty: What unites our team. We are free, with a touch of uniqueness.

Color Palette: Leopard print is an integral part of us. Pink, turquoise, black, white, and houndtooth are elements and colors that have shaped our perception of beauty and style since childhood.

Niche Focus: We do not aim to conquer the world with mass production. Our "policy" is handmade with love, not for mass consumption. We prefer a niche approach, crafting products for those who appreciate exclusivity.