Kristina Laptso brand presents bright colors and bold design solutions in the collections and at the same time filled with special patterns that convey the style and direction of the 70's combined with modern trends. It's a daily chic for a confident woman who will definitely stay in the spotlight. The brand uses authentic fabrics from European manufacturers. The preference is given to jacquard, silk, and organza in combination with contrasting vinyl, leather, and wool. An important stage of creation is the production process since each thing has its own inner world, which indicates a high level of quality and individuality.

What sets us apart? We aim to convey eternal love through the prism of intricate handcrafted pieces. Our message and mission: 'Love Never Ends.'

Quality, timeless design, and uniqueness define us. We don't chase trends; we stay true to ourselves and the depths of vintage. We are honest - that's what unites our team. We are free, with a touch of uniqueness.

As a niche brand, our 'policy' is rooted in responsible production practices. We refrain from overwhelming the planet with mass production. Most of our items are produced in limited quantities, often just 1 or 2 pieces, with the majority available as made-to-order.

Our commitment to quality means that our clients cherish their garments for years. They find it difficult to part with them, even after 5 years, as our pieces are crafted to stand the test of time. Instead, they enjoy mixing and matching them with other items from our capsule collections, creating fresh and stylish looks."

Our values are centered on the soul - clothing is the physical embodiment of the soul! Sensuality is our instrument in clothing for happy women. Sensuality is gentle, innocent, inspiring, not provocative!

Our addresses: 
Ivana Franka Street, 55,                                      Seller-Online LLC
Lviv                                                                      635 Somers Ave                        
Lviv Oblast                                                           Feasterville-Trevose, PA
Ukraine                                                                 United States
79000                                                                   19053                                                                                                                         


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