Life is like an eternal struggle, an unyielding tapestry of memories in colors, sensations, tastes, and aromas, reminiscent of the essence of a woman's nature.

Pink, the hue of perpetual beauty, bravery, strength, and delicacy all wrapped in one, like an everlasting emblem of genuine love.

It's a color that calls us to dream once more, igniting the flames of our imagination.

Vanilla, akin to a dream, represents the commencement of a new and liberated life, marking the dawn of a fresh chapter in history.

It nourishes like milk, infusing energy into the life of a new human being, a rejuvenated and blissful woman – a muse!

In this collection, robust masculine lines intertwine seamlessly with sharp edges, feminine transparency, and sensuality.

These garments are meticulously crafted from luxurious feminine textures such as silk, organza, and satin.

The film, created by the talented director Guilherme Oliveira, stands as a testament to resilience, even in the face of adversity. He, currently residing in Ukraine during these turbulent times, continues to support the nation with his art.

The film features remarkable women living in Ukraine today, actively contributing to the flourishing of their homeland.

We extend our gratitude to all those who believe in the power of storytelling behind the scenes. ❤️