Milan Fashion Week is one of the most important events for the world's fashion industry.

Our brand Kristina Laptso had the honor of participating in the presentation of Ukrainian brands and showing its collection FW 22-23. Fashion is a philosophy and a reflection of our life. Living through a very difficult period with all Ukrainians, despite all the pain and all the unknown, we want to continue to bring light and love to this world, because they always win.

Milan Fashion Week 2022

Each collection of our brand is about our inner world and our experiences. And it is a protest against war and a declaration of life despite all the world's predictions. It was created and presented in Kyiv not long before the war. And it's like a ray of hope in all the madness of this world. We believe that true love exists and it never ends!

In this collection, as in the previous ones, there are various fabrics and textures that have already become iconic for the brand: velvet, organza, satin, khadi, silk, cotton. And also colors: purple, green, red, black and white. As never before, they reflect the contrasting life today.

It was extremely pleasant to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Ukrainian brands and carry this message of peace and call for the end to war and bloodshed!
By creating our clothes under sirens, we want to once again remind the whole world about the war that is going on in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people fight and believe in justice, and therefore believe in victory.

We would also like to thank Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Confindustria Ucraina for organizing this event, especially to Carlo Capasa - the President of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. We thank you for your stance on today's world circumstances and thank you for inspiring us to move on, not to give up, and to believe in a bright future.

We, in turn, create a very high-quality product with love to everyone! And also, through our work and our clothes, we carry the message of eternal values, because only they really matter! You can see for yourself in our shop!
Milan Fashion Week 2022 Kristina Laptso