Kristina Laptso is making her mark on the global stage, capturing attention and acclaim as she graces the pages of renowned magazines like Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vulkan. Her distinctive designs, blending vibrant colors and bold patterns, have captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide, earning her a place among the industry's elite. With each photograph, Kristina Laptso's creations shine, showcasing her talent and creativity to a global audience hungry for innovative and captivating fashion.

See how wonderfully Kristina Laptso's top fits the outfit of a model @carly_preusse from @emg_models. We loved working with Harper's Bazaar team 
Photographed by @byfashionphotography
Styled by @amandamirus

In August 2023, our designer brand had the honor of being featured in a captivating photo shoot with @marieclaire_ua. with a Leo Coat. The theme, "Summer Days are Over," provided a perfect backdrop for showcasing our latest collection, blending modern elegance with timeless sophistication. Our designs, characterized by intricate details and luxurious fabrics, seamlessly captured the essence of transitioning from summer to fall fashion. The collaboration with Marie Claire Ukraine allowed us to share our unique vision with a wider audience, highlighting our commitment to crafting exquisite pieces that resonate with the modern woman's sense of style and grace.

Our Leo Coat is such a best-seller that it creates a perfect capsula with the best items in your wardrobe. The Vulkan Magazine chose to combine it with a golden dress and they didn't miss the point. 


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